Our elders are the roots of our lives.

We are here for them until you can be.

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I have worked as an advocate for seniors in Long Term Care​ facilities. I have observed the specific needs​ of seniors in long term care. 

I have curated gifts with your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional need​s in mind. We ar​e a small midwest business and hope you let us send something special to your loved one.

Thoughtful care packages

Nutritious snacks 

to help heal the body

Jigsaw puzzles 

help memory

Slipper socks 

help with safety

Spa quality toiletries 

for a more pleasant stay

Roots gives back to the community.

We provide boxes to seniors in our community who do not have friends or family.

Choose how often you would like to send, choose your budget and that's it.

Cancel anytime. We will do the rest for you.

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You can peek at what’s inside our care packages by browsing through our gallery. 

At Roots Care Package we make sure that every box is filled with the most amazing gifts specially curated for the needs and preferences of every recipient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that the facility permits the items included?

Residents have the right to have any personal items sent to them. When you subscribe to a care package, we ask for dietary preferences.

My loved one has a roommate, how will they have the space for new items every month?

We know that space is limited in long term care rooms, so provide compact packaging and efficient products. For example, including a hairbrush that has a mirror on the back, is very helpful when keeping grooming supplies in a limited space.

What if my loved one goes home?

Our care packages can follow them back home. Just update the address and we will get it to them.

What if my loved one passes away?

You can cancel your subscription, or.....

We can memorialize your loved one by continuing the subscription in the honor of their memory.  A card will be placed in the box stating that this care package is donated in the "memory of __________".  For example "In memory of our loving mother, Mary Lou Wiggins"  

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